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Myth Defense LF

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「Myth Defense:光の軍団」はいわゆるタワーディフェンス系と呼ばれるゲームの最高の要素を継承し、錬金術、ルーン、ランダムマップ、遠征などの興味深い機能を持つゲームです。ゲームは、すべての画面解像度に対応していますが、特にHD機器を推奨します。完全版の特徴: - バトルモード:7つの基本的なマップ+ランダムマップ - 遠征:18マップ+エキストラ遠征プライズ。遠征を繰り返して何度も上位をねらうことが可能です。 - トロフィーとランク - 様々なスキルの強化 - 22種類のタワー+3種類の特殊なトラップ(罠) - タワーやモンスターの特別な機能 - 錬金術:ルーンを作成します。ルーンをタワーにプラグインすると、タワーの動作を向上させることができます。 - 戦場:沼地、水たまり、その他同様の仕掛けを用いた戦術が可能 - 難易度は全33レベル - オンラインで自分の世界ランクを確認 - 複数の言語が選択可能 - 戦場のシーンでは、オリジナルの効果音とBGMによるパノラマサウンドを展開 - 初心者向けのヘルプアイテム無料版のプレイヤーの記録は自動的に完全版に移行されます。(SDカードが必要です)
NEWS!!! "Myth Defense 2: Dark Forces" is available on Google Play!
KNOWN ISSUES:------------If game runs improperly on your device, try to switch to "Software" instead of "OpenGL" in Settings. In some cases you should check "Simple animation" or uncheck "Sound On".
***このゲームについての記事***"Combining solid tower defense strategy, beautiful graphics, tons of upgrades and different game modes, Myth Defense: Light Forces must be the best TD game available on the Google Play.""Helicopters will constantly undermine you and you'll often find yourself overwhelmed by mace swinging orcs. But if you get beyond that, you'll find a rich, engaging and highly rewarding experience.""With the earning of GPs and artifacts, players can create a huge number of variations in their game(s), making Myth Defense Light Forces an extremely fun, entertaining, and engaging game. So if you like tower defense games, head over to the Google Play.""Myth Defense offers lovely visuals that are among the best since on Android to date. It's very well presented and there is no noticeable slowdown, even when the screen is bursting with towers, fireballs, arrows and goblins.""Just watch this video and tell me this doesn’t look amazing. The developing company, Smartpix Games, has made your addiction extremely easy.""The art and visuals are crisp and detailed, and the sound effects and music definitely make the game seem like an epic fantasy. There is a lot of content here. If you like tower defense games, this is probably going to satisfy your TD itch.""Challenging without having to be irrationally complicated or impossible to progress hanging around. More Options than another TD I have come across."